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Larry Zimbler Turn IT Costs into Managed Budgets When you watch a movie, it easier to understand the story when you see it from the beginning? Me too, but for me the movie is all "digital technology" starting from the Apple ][. Whether digital technology is in the office, warehouse, production, shipping spaces; having seen the 1st waves on it easy to manage. It only gets easier the more we manage it. So for me managing it's like seeing a movie, I've already seen. Or reading a book, I'm already writing. Whether it be at your facility, or in the field with varied networks the Liberteks GBB case method matches your success, with your need to save money year to year. Connect to Liberteks daily IT services implementations for industry and individuals and save money. By managing technology cases plus your valuable data and productivity process, Liberteks "bakes" in a system that close cases and build business value for you! Closing Cases Liberteks connects your teams devices into a software defined network where HELP is always at hand. What is the cost of an open case? What is the cost of having the same problems over and over? Have a conversation with us to learn how your neighbors have sucessfully solved this concern. Business Value Creation as a vCIO @larryz Specialties: small business, branch office, headquarter moves, home office, workflow management, project management, ongoing maintenance, Small Business Server, Business Intelligence, BI, backup to restoration, business process, health care, manufacturing, legal, retail, upgrade from XP/Server 2003 to modern solutions, mobile, social media, vendor negotations, expense management, managed services, HELP DESK, vCIO.

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design, travel, snowbird, work-life balance, animal rescue, productivity geek, upsourcing

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